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Linda Queally

California Fine Artist

About the artist....

Wisconsin native Linda Weber Queally spent her childhood exploring country auctions, yard sales and antique shops with her mother and grandmother. And in the short, but hot humid summers, her days were filled with swimming in the cool waters of the local lakes and swimming pools.  It was there that she developed a passion for art and antiques, and a lifelong love of water. 

Linda graduated from UW, Milwaukee with a Bachelors Degree in Urban Development, and then moved to Los Angeles, where she studied art and design at the prestigious
Otis Art Institute.  Now after over 30 years of living and creating art in the Los Angeles area, she enjoys painting, photography, and collage, and most recently has added jewelry design to her repertoire.   Showing her work nationally, the artist has won numerous awards.

Artist Statement, 2014:

Trained as a painter, I had a revelation in my work while on an artist retreat in France with twelve other women artists.  While they were preparing their gear to spend the afternoon painting in a field or town square, all I wanted to do was keep on the move, exploring, photographing each minute detail and spontaneous moment that delighted me.  Later, after our communal dinner, I couldn’t wait to get back to my room to review my photos and write about the day’s experience.

This was a turning point for me.  The photo was becoming the finished work, not the means to the finished work.  Using my eye as a painter and my love for dramatic light and color, I could express my unique view of the world in my photography, instead of reinventing the wheel by painting something I had already captured.  It felt beautiful and right.

Since that time I have spent many months traveling in the United States and Mexico, documenting and sharing this amazing world I am coming to know through my photography.  My favorite time of day remains twilight, which author and archaeologist Carlos Castaneda describes as the “crack between the worlds”.  You will see it often in my work. 

My paintings have become more playful and filled with imagination, and I love the balance of the two disciplines.
  Add to that some unique jewelry pieces fashioned from the treasure I pick up while traveling, and at last I can say
I have found my way.

Selected Shows and Awards:

November, 2014 - "The Man Show", Juried Competition, Group Show, Selected for my Bullfight Photography, Cope Studios, Glendale, CA

October, 2014 - 3rd Annual SPARC Juried Competition, Group Exhibition, One of Six Artists Selected for Photography, South Pasadena, CA

June, 2014 - The Electric Lodge, Group Exhibition, "La Sirena: Maiden of the Sea" for my jewelry and paintings, Venice, CA

May, 2014 - Angeles Crest Art Guild Annual Group Show, my paintings, photography and jewelry, La Canada, CA

March, 2014 - Real Estate Heaven Art Show and Ribbon Cutting, Group Show, selected for my pool paintings, South Pasadena, CA

February, 2014 - "Love of Art Show Part II", Modest Fly Art Gallery, Group Show, paintings, Tujunga, CA

November, 2013 - 2nd Annual SPARC Juried Competition, Selected for my Photography, Group Exhibition, South Pasadena, CA

August, 2013 - Arts in the Park, showing my jewelry, Ventura, CA

June, 2013 - "Handmade Show", Modest Fly Art Gallery, Group Show, Tujunga, CA

May, 2013 - ACAG Mother's Day Group Show, Modest Fly Art Gallery, Tujunga, CA

March, 2013 - McGroarty Arts Center, "Bite Me", Juried Group Exhibition, Selected for my Photography, Tujunga, CA

May, 2012 - ACAG Mother's Day Group Show, Modest Fly Art Gallery, Tujunga, CA

January, 2012 - "Impressions of France" Group Show, Segil Fine Art Gallery, Monrovia, California

June, 2011 - "Inspired Synergies" Group Show, Addison Art Gallery, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

May, 2011, - ACAG Mother's Day Group Show, Modest Fly Art Gallery, Tujunga, CA

December, 2010 - ISAP Florida 5th Annual Exhibition - Juried Competition, Tampa, FL

October, 2010 - Award Winner, World Aquatic Health Conference, Colorado Springs, CO

September, 2010 - ACAG 3rd Annual Group Show, Towns Burr Gallery, Burbank, CA

July, 2010 - Glendale Artists Open Studio Tour, and Brand Gallery Group Show, Glendale, CA

January, 2010 - SCORE VIII - VIVA Gallery, Juried Competition, Sherman Oaks, CA

November, 2009 - Award Winner, ISAP Florida 4th Annual Exhibition - Juried Competition - Tampa, FL

September, 2009 - ACAG 2nd Annual Show and Benefit, McGroarty Arts Center, Tujunga, CA

August, 2009 - Solo Exhibition, "Magical Environments", (My Swimming Pool Paintings), The Majestical Roof, Pasadena, CA

2008 - ACAG 1st Annual Group Show, Vida Verde,
La Canada, CA

2008 - Glendale Artists Open Studio Tour, and Brand Gallery Group Show, Glendale, CA

Corporate Collections:
National Swimming Pool Foundation, Colorado Springs, CO

Recently Attended Workshops: 

Laguna Beach, CA weekend workshop with Frank Serrano

"The Caterpillar", Children's Magazine, Inaugural Edition, June, 2013, published in Ireland.
My painting "Hang Loose" featured.


ACAG (Angeles Crest Art Guild), La Canada, CA, Treasurer

ISAP (International Society of Acrylic Painters) - Florida Chapter

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